By the numbers 

33 days after our “we’re leaving picture” we are home! Today was a long day in the car, not necessarily in miles but allowing anxiety over transition back to “normal” life to creep in and make us all uneasy.  We started planning schedules, calls by for dentist appointments, thinking about mail to go through, yard work to be done and people to connect with.  Does anyone else have Post-vacation letdown or post-vacation depression?  Well I assume it is magnified in our case because ours was so long – we were kind of a mess!

Brenna had fallen asleep in the car for the last hour!

We don’t mess around when we get home from vacation.  It is all hands on deck emptying the car of absolutely everything – including seats.  Then things get separated into rooms and then put away.  Laundry gets done, travel stuff gets stored and now we are headed to bed with a clean house, a clean car and nothing to do tomorrow besides go to the lake!

The kids got to catch fireflies tonight!!  Maybe they exist out west – we saw none -but I think they are a short term Midwest thing and I am glad we didn’t miss them this summer!

So, here are some numbers that should sum up our month long adventure:

7,000 — number of miles we put on our van!

1,063 — number of visitors to our blog.  Now I don’t know if that is multiple visits by just my mom or if that is unique individuals, but I hope you enjoyed the trip through our writing and pictures!  I am so so so glad I was actually disciplined to write everyday because now we have such a great way for the kids to remember the trip!

119 — the hottest temperature I saw on my Car’s thermostat when we were in Phoenix

19 — number of National Parks, National Historic Sites, National Monuments that we explored

18 — number of hotels we stayed at.

17 — number of Junior Rangers Badges we collected.  One park was waaaaaaay to ambitious with their program and we didn’t have the time or energy to finish it. (See blog post – when the sink drops out)

10 — number of States we travelled through.   4 of these were completely new states for us.

9 — number of bags (plus coolers) we usually brought into the hotel at night.

8 — number of times we went grocery shopping. Let me tell you, Walmart customers are the same everywhere you go.

7 — number of Major Leauge games attended by our family (just Steve and Aiden for one game).

6 — number of days spent in an amusement park or zoo.

5 — number of weeks we were away from home.  

4 — number of times we swam in our Phoenix pool in the 2 days we were there!

3 — number of California beaches we enjoyed

2 — number of teeth lost by Orth kids on vacation

1 — number of oil changes and tire rotations we had to get.

0 — number of times we had to go to the hospital or doctor — praise the Lord!


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