One last stop…

So there is not much to see between Lincoln, NE and Chicago.  The corn is looking pretty “knee high by the 4th of July” I do know that! 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽

Right in the middle of Iowa, not even a mile off the road was the Herbert Hoover National Historic site. His birthplace, important building and the presidential Library.  We had said if we were ever near or driving by a site, we would go, and this was a perfect opportunity for a stop.

This was a really interesting and fun place as you walk from his birth house, to a blacksmith shop, to a school, to a church, to their grave site, you learn all about the life that made him the man he became as a politician and president.  My kids loved in and we loved it!  It was a pleasant surprise!

Cora thought it felt strange to smile at the gravesite, so she decided acting sad made more sense.

This makes 17 junior ranger badges on this trip.  We weren’t planning on enjoying this so much, but it turned into one of the best parts of our trip and we can’t wait to go do more.  The program caused us to see things we would have never seen and my kids learned so much about history and America!

Did I mention that the road trip today was a slow boring one…so boring I began lettering on bananas and Brenna voluntarily took a nap.

And then we made it to Jon and Taylor’s house!!!  We like to invade their young married life with our crew every once and a while to Overwhelm them 😜. My kids love hanging out with them and We’re so excited to stop!

Thankful to catch up with good friends who don’t mind our crazy for a bit!

Today we head home, we will sleep in Our beds tonight.  I have all sorts of reflections and memories to sort out, as well as laundry.  


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