The long drive home…

This is the first day in a really long time that we didn’t do any kind of sightseeing/touristy thing!  Today was a driving day, we had to make ground back east.  We started in snow covered Mountains – at 11,000 feet and we ended at 2,200 feet in Nebraska, which could easily pass for Indiana.

We blackmailed the kids with no screen time until they came up with a specific list of 5 things they loved about our trip — quality parenting, I know.  I especially love how each of their personalities came out in their lists.




I haven’t sat down with Kellen yet, his list will be fun.

One thing I am going to miss is speed limits of 75 and 80. We made great time today until a bad accident shut down our side of the highway for an hour.

We have been holding onto an Applebee’s gift card and tonight paired it with 1/2 price appetizers, $.50 wings and a free kids meal for quite the dinner. As an added bonus, Brenna pulled out a tooth!! 


Tonight is our last night in a hotel. 33 nights, 19 different hotels.  Tomorrow night we stay with friends and Saturday we are home.  I love hotels, maybe because my bed always gets made for me, or the smell of freshly bleached sheets.  We ended with a great one – a Holiday Inn Express that just opened. The room was HUGE, everything was new and it was just a good finish to the hotel experience of this trip.

I fell asleep to a torrential rain storm, the first real rain we have seen in over a month.  Welcome back to the Midwest!


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